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Feb. 12th, 2007 | 09:06 pm


It's been a while... and my work experience was the best ever!! :D Ahem.. yeah.. soooo.. I taught children english for couple of days, I cooked everyday and I did translating and typing up of official documents in French, English and German.. which was fun. And then I spent 4 days with my uncle who lives in Switzerland and I didn't want to leave.. So I have decided to work out there when I'm older.

The next big thing was Christmas, and yes that was uber cool too.. Then I have had my reports back and I have gone to 2 open evenings...

Then we had two snow days and my friends and I built a 5 foot snowball which weighed half a tonne and dented the ground, but we managed to roll it about 40 foot or so around the cricket field.. and that's bout it..

Bex x

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France Tomorrow!!

Oct. 14th, 2006 | 11:57 am
location: At Home, packing and spazzing out
mood: hyperhyper


It's been a hell of along time since I last posted on here, and I'm not meant to be on here at the minute, so I'll just gloss over what has happened.

Basically, The Karate Nationals I came 2nd in the Non Contact Category (got kicked in the head 3 times and jarred my back in the first fight).

And I'm now packing for my work experience in France!!! My flight is at 2pm tomorrow, and I'm going for 9 days. It's the first time that I will fly alone and so I hope I don't loose anything.

SO yeah, I've sneaked on to see if any of my friends are on, but they're not. *sigh* oh well. I'll see them in bout 9 days or so. Unless they drop their letter over tomorrow sometime. Hmm...

Anywho, I'd better go and finish packing -

Au revoir!


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Help Me

Sep. 20th, 2006 | 06:15 pm
location: At home. Stressing and flapping in general.
mood: stressedstressed
music: The Battle from Gladiator


I need help. But not the sort of help that I know my fellow maraudettes think I need. No. I'm not asking for mental or psycological help. I'm asking for help with work.

My problem is that I have to much to complete and to little time to complete it in.

I have History coursework draft in for tomorrow; German vocab to learn; a depressing story for English to finish which I'm dreading because it makes me cry; Business Studies coursework due in for Monday; Geography coursework that's due in on Friday 13 October (coincidence); AND I have to learn 2 new kata for the Kyokushin Karate English National Chamipionships on THIS SATURDAY.


So now you know.


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Sep. 19th, 2006 | 07:25 pm
location: At home.
mood: gloomyDunno why. Just am.
music: Love Of My Life By Santana


I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted.

I think that I might be ill or something.

And Sophie? Yes, I called you Spohie, not Proony. The way in which you talk about Ms. Tester sounds as if you have a crush on her or something. Just thought that you might want to know.

And don't give me that look. Both you Loren and Sarah have been quite hurtful at times.
And I quote,
Me: "And what proof do you have that Ms. Tester is gay?"
Padfoot: "You."
And then the rest of you started laughing, when actually what you said was quite hurtful.

I am most certainly not impressed.

And on with life...

*coughs and tumbleweed rolls by*


Oh dear.

Oh! And hi to my friend Sam!! Just in case she reads this page. ^_^

Anywho, toodles for now,


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Sep. 3rd, 2006 | 05:00 pm
location: At home. Stressing
mood: blahblah
music: Burning Bush From Prince Of Egypt. Not Mione's hair ahaha.


Ich hasse Erdkunde.


For those of you who don't speak German, that means:

I hate Geography. Lots.

And I think that my fellow Maraudettes can sympathise with me as they all took Geography too. I'm meant to be finishing it now.

But surprise, surprise, I'm not.

For obvious reasons.

I'm bored too.

I have spent the weekend up in Cheshire visiting my dad's family and we got back around 3 this afternoon.

My stomach feels as if it's eating itself. Again. Wonderful.

And I miss my Maraudettes. I don't have a clue as to where Proony and Rione are, but I think that Padfoot might be returning from Spain today. I might be wrong.

And I have to go back to prison on Wednesday. Well, having said that it's not real prison. It just feels like that.

I have work that I have to finish for then. German *sighs and rolls eyes* and Geography *westerly wind starts up as storm clouds appear and thunder and lightning begin as she curses*

So meh. Hope you've all had a great holiday and are ready to go back to school / work! *fake smile and then bashes skull on desk*


P.S I said skull because I know the reaction I'd get if I'd said head. That is, if anyone actually reads this.

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Long time, no ... write?

Aug. 31st, 2006 | 05:10 pm
location: At home
mood: crazyHave. To. Finish. All. Work.
music: El Tango De Roxanne From Moulin Rouge


Tis been a while.

I have been slaving away for the past 3 and a half... weeks on Geography. Although it feels like years. I HATE GEOGRAPHY.


I have missed a hell of a lot, whilst I have been swotting up. Hahaha Sarah, yesterday was so great! Not you, Rione, my cousin *grins*.

Anywho. What to write... Sorry, got to go. Mum needs the phone. Tch. Typical. Toodles,


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Holiday Diary Entry #3

Aug. 14th, 2006 | 12:37 pm
location: At home. Skiving off work again.
mood: blahblah
music: Deranged Bangra Music 0.o

Thursday 10th August


Mello. It's been like 4 days since I last wrote. Oopsie. Here's roughly what we've done for the past 4 days or so:

Mon 7th:

We went to this place called Barnstaple to get to a proper supermarket. And to buy some Bazuka gel - my wart fell off. It makes me laugh whenever I say that. Bahahaha. Anywho, there's still a bit of it left. Just thought that you'd want to know. We had McDonalds too.

Tues 8th:

We went out on a train rid - journey. Not any old train. Oh no. This train was special. *refrains from adding 'needs' to the end* It's powered by a water and pulley system. And we had ice-cream. And argued. A lot. I washed my hair too. Mundane, I know.

Wed 9th:

We went to a National Trust property called Arlington Court. It wasn't very interesting. Apart from the Bat Cam. Oh yes. You read correctly. There was a Bat Cam. And there were bats. Lots of them. In the attic. And you could watch them. Feel free to laugh, my fellow Maraudettes. I laughed until I cried. And people stared at me. I'm giggling now. My parents think that I've eaten something. Oh well. It's worth it. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! BAT CAM!!!!! *hysterical laughter*... I don't think that will ever tire to be funny...

Thurs 10th:

Henry and I stayed at 'home' whilst my parents dragged Harry (not your hubby Proony) out kicking and screaming to another National Trust Property. Mwahahaha.

I've also drawn loads. Well for me anyways. I've drawn more pictures of batman and robin. *stares off into space and hums El Tango De Roxanne* Anyways. I'm actually quite proud of them. Don't like the Sabriel one anymore though. There's something about the proportion that's not quite right and I just can't think of what it is.

At dinner we (my brothers and I) were playing word association. A word of warning - Do not play it whilst eating. We ended up creating this sentence:

"Go soak your clothes in ferret droppings"

And we were eating pasta and meatballs.I believe that that says it all. Whilst we were at Arlington Court the other day, there's a National Trust shop. Dad bought the boys something each, so I was allowed to choose. Basically I got 2 books. Yes Proony, BOOKS. I know, I don't know what came ove - possesed me. But before you freak out Proony, they're about drawing, so they're mostly pictures. So it's all ok. I think.

One's abut the human anatomy. No Proony and Padfoot. Not THAT part of the anatomy. Gees. Dirty girls. the other is about drawing in general. You know, still life and all that. Anyways, I'm off to play Boggle and drink alcohol now.


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Well Hello

Aug. 13th, 2006 | 09:14 pm
location: At home with a bad back.
mood: draineddrained
music: El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge

I be back to post a normal entry this time. Although, define normal. Hmm... Well I have worked my socks off today with coursework that I have to...complete.

And tomorrow I have to finish it and then I am planning to do (sorry Proony) a whole Geography project in three days. So I might not be on for a while.

And on Friday, I have a tetanus injection. Which isn't good. I didn't have one when everybody else did because of a previous reaction that I had to it.

You know the Pre-school boosters that you get at about 3/4? Well you have a tetanus one, along wiht diptheria and polio. Anyways, the next day or maybe that afternoon, my leg had swollen up where I had had the injection. It looked as if I had been kicked by a horse. I like horses.

Anyways, when we went back to the doctor, he said that I should avoid having the tetanus injection again, because of the severe reaction. If I had it again, I might end up in hospital or something. I don't really know. I was 3/4 at the time. My mind was on other things. Like the sweets that I had just been given.

Anywho, so my mum contacted the doctor again when the letter arrived, and we were advised for me to have it during the summer holidays. So I could have time to 'recover'. Waste of my holiday, personally. So I want to finish most of my work, in case, God forbid, something truly horrible happens.

So I might not be on for a few days afterwards. And the same day, we have relatives arriving for lunch. Wonderful! Anywho, toodles for now,


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Holiday Diary Entry #2

Aug. 13th, 2006 | 08:50 pm

Sunday 6th August


I'm back! We haven't really done anything today. We're all too tired. None of us went to bed before 11. Harry had a paddy (Again, not you Padfoot) until like midnight. So none of us really slept.

And as I'm writing, the Welsh TV is becoming more and more...unsettling. Not to mention disturbing. But that's the Welsh for you. Amazingly, I can walk today. Despite after that excruciating climb yesterday.

And I've just watched that advert for the fat beauty contest or something. Not that I'm against people who are overwieght, a few of my closest relatives are, and I couldn't care less. Bu that advert isn't something that I want to see regularly.

Despite that, I'm hungry. For food, Proony, FOOD. Tch. The boys are out at the beach at the moment, so it's nice and peaceful at the moment. But they've got to be back for dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese.

Now I don't know what to write. Apart from that I drew the eponymous character from Garth Nix's Trilogy - Sabriel. If you haven't heard of it, then shame on you. I'm quite pleased, but I haven't coloured it. Anyways, I'm going to go and watch a deranged Welsh dog show thing on TV.


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I'm Alive!!

Aug. 12th, 2006 | 03:53 pm
location: At home, recovering.
mood: energeticI can access the interwebby
music: Keep Me A Secret By Ainslie Henderson (a guy)

As the title suggests, I am indeed alive. Which is no mean feat after the week that I have had.

Here the much promised entries for some of the days whilst I was a prisoner in Cornwall. Although please note that on some days I was to busy, or I couldn't be bothered to write anything. And on the return journey, both of my brothers were reading what I wrote over my shoulder. (I had to sit inbetween them on both journeys grrr...)

Saturday 5th August


Why hello.

I'm bored. So I thought I'd begin my first entry en enfer. Bad Sniggi. What have you been told by your fellow Maraudette's about the usage of French? Anyway, we finally sat in the car at roughly a quarter or so to eight. It might have been earlier, but I'm not sure. Then, when mum had just put the alarm on, Harry closed the car door on his bottle of water. And it shattered. And water went everywhere. So we had to undo the alarm and make him another. Wonderful.

Then after that, when we were part way down the lane, I realised that I'd forgotten my MP3 player. MY LIFE SUPPORT. So then we had to go back AGAIN. So as you can imagine, I'm not in good graces. Then we had to nip to Sainsburys to get a newspaper for mum and dad. Meanwhile, dad realised that HE had left something behind. So we had to go back to get it. When we got there, it was actuallyin the boot of the car the whole time. Needless to say, no-one was amused. Except for dad.

So by the time we actually left the house and started the long tedious journey it was about eight o'clock. And then we've just driven.. And be bored. And now my MP3 player is playing some strange Bangra music. And both of my brothers are trying to read what I'm writing. STOP IT. IT'S AN INVASION OF PRIVACY. Now my parents are playing an audio book. Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett. I'll write more later.


We arrived in the town of Lynmouth at 2:20. We weren't allowed in 'til 3. So we wasted time walking around eating ice-cream. We then 'moved in' at 3.

The boys (including dad) have been arguing ever since we arrived about where the PS2 should be. This is because the house is on 3 floors. The road and front door are on the middle floor, which has the lounge (with TV) and kitchen/eating area. The lower floor has the 'snug', or small lounge - thing with a TV. Although this TV has a screen about 2 inches wide. There's also a room with two beds and a REALLY small bathroom. With a shower. The only shower. In the whole house. The top floor has the other 2 bedrooms and a decent bathroom.

Anyway. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. The PS2. So they've been arguing a lot. Understatement of the century. Harry wanted it plugged in to the bigger TV so he could reach it easier. But when he tried, there weren't any of the right sockets. Then I started laughing because I thought that that we've just brought it all this way, and yet we might not be able to use it. I found it hilarious. Harry and dad didn't.

Unfortunately it works just fine on the small TV. Buggar. That's because Henry and I are sharing a room on the bottom floor. To escape. The house is really sweet in some places. And the surrounding area is breathtaking. No Proony, I'm not talking about my imagi hubby. He's unconventionally attractive.

It's really nice. Except for the Welsh TV. It's just... disturbing. There's no other way to describe it. Although deranged is quite close. Just got to pop out for a quick walk. Be back later.


I have died. Know this people: MAPS LIE. It took us over an hour to walk to Lynton, buy a few things, and walk back. Why? Because THE MAP LIED. It showed the path to be quite short. And it was. Don't get me wrong, it was short-ish. The map neglected to show JUST HOW STEEP THE PATH WAS. WE HAD TO WALK UPHILL THE WHOLE WAY THERE. AND IT WAS SO SLIPPERY THAT THERE WAS A HANDRAIL FOR THE MOST PART.

And to make matters worse we had to carry 2 bags full of shopping back down the same way. And there was this old guy checking me out. I'm being serious people. I was nearly sick, I swear. Anyways, I resorted to walking like a crab with my hands on the rail. Plus a bag of shopping. It was just me, mum and dad who went out. We chanced leaving the boys alone.

And as I write Harry's having a paddy. No, not you Padfoot. He's having a paddy about where he sleeps. He doesn't want to sleep on his own in a room apparently. But the problem is, is that he's annoyed Henry and I so much that we're sharing a room to escape. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's my brother, and I love him because of that. It's just, you know, sometimes you would like it if you weren't asked a million questions about how or why trees can grow on vertical cliff faces such as the one that I'm looking at now.

My legs ache. A lot. Mum's in the kitchen cooking dinner. It smells very good. My mouth is watering. For the food Proony, THE FOOD. NOTHING OR NO-ONE ELSE. And please stop sniggering. And before you say anything, you SO are.

Anyway, back to the food. It's my favourite. Sausage pasta bake. Stop chuckling Padfoot. Yes, chuckling. I know EXACTLY what sausages look like, thank you. Tch. Dirty girl.

Anyways, I might write more later, I might not. I'm going to go and help mum cause everyone else has buggered off. Ew. Bad images.


Well looking at the length of that entry, I won't write any more for now,


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